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ManagableIndex::ManagableIndex::ManagableIndex Class Reference

Inherits Products::OFolder::OFolder::OFolder, and Evaluation::Normalize.

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Detailed Description

Abstract base class for 'ManagableIndex'.

Definition at line 61 of file ManagableIndex.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __len__
def addAttributeLookupForm
def addExpressionEvaluatorForm
def addValueProvider
def all_meta_types
def clear
def getEntryForObject
 Responsibilities from 'PluggableIndexInterface' 'getId' -- inherited from 'SimpleItem'.
def getReverseOrder
def index_object
def indexSize
def items
def keyForDocument
def listCombiners
def listCopyTypes
def listTermTypes
def matchFilterGlob
 match filtering
def matchFilterRegexp
def matchGlob
 term expansion -- provided for indexes with declared "string" and "ustring" term types
def matchRegexp
def unindex_object
def uniqueValues

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

tuple Combiners = ('useFirst',)
list CombineType = Combiners[0]
string icon = 'misc_/PluginIndexes/index.gif'
string IgnoreProperty = 'StopTermPredicate'
tuple manage_options
string NormalizerProperty = 'NormalizeTerm'
string NormalizeTerm = ''
tuple operators = ('or', 'and',)
string PrenormalizeTerm = ''
tuple query_options = ('operator', 'range', 'usage', 'match', 'isearch', 'isearch_filter')
int ReverseOrder = 0
tuple security = ClassSecurityInfo()
string StopTermPredicate = ''
 supportFiltering = False
list TermCopy = _TermCopyList[0]
list TermType = _TermTypeList[0]
string TermTypeExtra = ''
string useOperator = 'or'

Private Member Functions

def _apply_index
def _combineSubsearches
def _createDefaultValueProvider
def _enumerateRange
def _evaluate
def _getFilteredISearch
def _getFilterEnumerator
def _getMatchIndex
def _insert
def _insertAux
 methods to maintain auxiliary indexes we implement the same optimization as for the main index
def _len
def _load
def _loadAux
def _makeFilter
def _makeTermPredicate
def _prenormalizeTerm
def _remove
def _removeAux
def _search
def _searchTerm
def _setup
def _standardizeTerm
def _standardizeValue
def _unindex_object

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

 __implements__ = PluggableIndexInterface
 _equalValues = None
 _matchType = None
 _prenormalizer = None
tuple _properties
 _update = None

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