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def ManagableIndex::ManagableIndex::ManagableIndex::_evaluate (   self,
) [private]

evaluate *object* with respect to this index.

Definition at line 576 of file ManagableIndex.py.

00576                             :
    '''evaluate *object* with respect to this index.'''
    l= []; v= None
    combiner= self.CombineType; useFirst= combiner == 'useFirst'
    for vp in self.objectValues():
      v= vp.evaluate(object)
      if v is not None:
        if useFirst: break
    if useFirst:
      if v is None: return
      return self._standardizeValue(v,object)
    return getattr(self,'_combine_' + combiner)(l,object)

  def _standardizeValue(self,value,object):

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