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tuple ManagableIndex::ManagableIndex::ManagableIndex::_properties [static, private]

Initial value:

      { 'id' : 'CombineType', 'type' : 'selection', 'mode' : 'w', 'select_variable' : 'listCombiners',
        'label':'Combine type: determines how values from value providers are combined'},
      {'id':'PrenormalizeTerm', 'type':'string', 'mode':'w',
       'label':'Term prenormalizer: applied to terms before term expansion in queries and (always) before stop term elimination; used e.g. for case normalization, stemming, phonetic normalization, ...',},
      {'id' : IgnoreProperty, 'type' : 'string', 'mode' : 'w',
       'label':'Stop term predicate: used to recognized and eliminate stop terms; used always (except in range queries) after prenormalization',},
      {'id' : NormalizerProperty, 'type' : 'string', 'mode' : 'w',
       'label':'Term normalizer: applied to terms before type checking; used e.g. for encoding the term into a efficient form',},
      { 'id' : 'TermType', 'type' : 'selection', 'mode' : 'w', 'select_variable' : 'listTermTypes',
        'label':'Term type: used to convert and check the terms type; may allows to choose specially optimized index structures (e.g. for integer types) or provide additional features (e.g. term expansions for string types) -- clear+reindex after change!',
      { 'id' : 'TermTypeExtra', 'type' : 'string', 'mode' : 'w',
        'label':'Term type argument: required by some term types (see the documentation)',},
      { 'id' : 'TermCopy', 'type' : 'selection', 'mode' : 'w', 'select_variable' : 'listCopyTypes',
        'label':'Control term copying: may be necessary for mutable terms to prevent index corruption',},

Definition at line 93 of file ManagableIndex.py.

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