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def ManagableIndex::ManagableIndex::ManagableIndex::matchFilterRegexp (   self,

see 'matchRegexp' but for filtering.

Definition at line 210 of file ManagableIndex.py.

00210                                      :
    '''see 'matchRegexp' but for filtering.'''
    termType = self._matchType or self.TermType
    if termType == 'string': regexp = str(regexp)
    elif termType == 'ustring': regexp = unicode(regexp)
    elif termType == 'asis': pass
    else: raise ValueError(
      "Index %s has 'TermType/MatchType' %s not supporting glob/regexp expansion"
      % (self.id, termType)
    return compile(regexp).match

  ## Responsibilities from 'PluggableIndexInterface'

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