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def ManagableIndex::ManagableIndex::ManagableIndex::_getFilteredISearch (   self,
) [private]

return a filtered search for *query*, if this seems promissing, or 'None'.

Definition at line 373 of file ManagableIndex.py.

00373                                       :
    '''return a filtered search for *query*, if this seems promissing, or 'None'.
    preds = []
    enumerator = self._getFilterEnumerator(); makeFilter = self._makeFilter

    terms = query.keys
    match = query.get('match'); range = query.get('range')
    op = query.get('operator', self.useOperator)

    if match is not None:
      # we do not want to filter combined 'match' and 'range' queries
      if range is not None: return
      # can only filter 'or' matches
      if op != 'or': return
      # we can filter 'match' queries only if there is no 'normalizer'
      #  maybe, we should not filter, if there is an 'ignorer'?
      if self._hasNormalizer(): return
      l = []; match = getattr(self, 'matchFilter' + match.capitalize())
      prenorm = self._prenormalizeTerm
      for t in terms:
        t = prenorm(t, None)
        if t is not None: preds.append(match(t))
      range= query.get('range')
      if range is not None:
        # can only filter 'or' ranges
        if op != 'or': return
        terms= [self._standardizeTerm(t,elimStopTerm=0, prenormalize=not match) for t in terms]
        range= range.split(':'); lo= hi= None
        if 'min' in range: lo= min(terms)
        if 'max' in range: hi= max(terms)
        makePred = self._makeTermPredicate; standardize = self._standardizeTerm
        preds = [
          makePred(standardize(t, prenormalize=not match))
          for t in terms
    subsearches = [IFilter(makeFilter(pred), enumerator) for pred in preds]

    return self._combineSubsearches(subsearches, op)

  def _combineSubsearches(self, subsearches, op):

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