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ManagableIndex::PathIndex::PathIndex Class Reference

Inherits ManagableIndex::ManagableIndex.

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Detailed Description

a managable 'PathIndex'.

Definition at line 12 of file PathIndex.py.

Public Member Functions

def items
def keyForDocument
def uniqueValues

Static Public Attributes

string meta_type = 'Managable PathIndex'
tuple query_options = ('operator', 'level', 'depth', 'isearch', 'isearch_filter')
 supportFiltering = True

Private Member Functions

def _enumerateRange
def _getExpansionIndex
def _getFilteredISearch
def _indexValue
def _insert
def _load
def _normalize
def _remove
def _searchAt
def _searchDepth
def _searchLength
def _searchTerm
def _setup
def _unindexValue

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

list _properties = ManagableIndex._properties[:4]

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