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def ManagableIndex::WordIndex::WordIndex::getEntryForObject (   self,
  default = None 

Information for *documentId*.

Definition at line 64 of file WordIndex.py.

00064                                                        :
    '''Information for *documentId*.'''
    info= self._unindex.get(documentId)
    if info is None: return default
    lexicon = self._getLexicon()
    l = [lexicon.get_word(wid) for wid in info.keys()]; l.sort()
    return repr(l)
  # overrides: we could use the corresponding 'KeywordIndex' definitions
  # but as the word sets tend to be much larger,
  # we use definitions which are more efficient for large sets
  def _update(self,documentId,val,oldval,threshold):

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